July 24, 2022


At The Reading Line's inaugural New York City Book Ride, Sasha Fletcher, author of Be Here to Love Me at The End of the World, published by Melville House, will read 'soul-throttling prose' within Brooklyn's Prospect Park.


Anyone looking for a book club on two small wheels has come to the right spot! We're meeting on the 'open street' in front of Unnameable Books at 615 Vanderbilt Ave and St. Marks Ave in Prospect Heights at 3 PM. This is your opportunity to purchase Sasha Fletcher's debut novel (limited quantity available) to get it signed at the reading.

The Route

From the bookstore we will ride to Plaza St W, along Prospect Park W, & enter Prospect Park at 15th St. Under the shade of Prospect Park's tree canopy we'll cycle a loop to arrive after 4 pm at the Vale of Cashmere. Our leisurely & bookish ride is 6 miles long.

The Novel

It's Brooklyn. Eleanor and Sam are in love. It's been a long week of missed deadlines and unread invoices. Later, the sky will look like they've never seen it before, but after that, it's the end of the world. Published in 2022 by Melville House, an independent publisher located in Brooklyn, New York. Melville House is well-known for its fiction, with two Nobel Prize winners on its list. Imre Kertesz and Heinrich Boll. In particular, the company has developed a world-wide reputation for its rediscovery of forgotten international writers — its translation of a forgotten work by Hans Fallada, Every Man Dies Alone, launched a world-wide phenomenon. The company also takes pride in its discovery of many first-time writers — such as Tao Lin (Shoplifting from American Apparel), Jeremy Bushnell (The Weirdness) and Christopher Boucher (How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive) — all of whom have gone on to greater success.

The Route

We are planning on cycling 10 kilometres!


What's going to happen during Brooklyn

  • Vale of Cashmere

    Prospect Park

    The wife of Brooklyn Mayor Alfred Chapin (1887-1891) nicknamed the area the “Vale of Cashmere,” inspired by the Thomas Moore poem “Lalla Roohk, an Oriental Romance.” Sasha Fletcher, author of Be Here to Love Me at The End of the World ~ published by Melville House, will read 'soul-throttling prose' within the 'Natural Exploration Area' with logs to sit upon. After the reading, there will be a Q&A and certainly we'll continue talking about books and Bromptons!

Featured Books

Be Here To Love Me at The End of The World

Sasha Fletcher

ISBN: 9781612199474