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Don River Edition


The Reading Line

Established 2014.

Making our city a better place, one street and one book at a time.

Promote Literacy

We select books by a range of authors to promote literacy in the city, for adults and kids.

Infrastructure Awareness

By bringing together a critical mass of diverse cyclists (including families), we show politicians that Torontonians want to get out and ride but are held back by a lack of cycling infrastructure and connected, safe routes.

Moving for Change

We love our city, and our book ride has the ability to connect neighbourhoods, readers, and changemakers, resulting in concrete, lasting improvements for Toronto: promoting complete streets, supporting local businesses, and highlighting literacy.

Book Rides

All the rides that have already happened, and all the rides that are in the works!

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Don River Edition

August 2017

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Books on Bathurst

May 2016

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Books on Bloor

May 2015

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The Green Line

October 2014


What people are saying about The Reading Line

  • john-lorinc

    Co-editor of Subdivided: City-Building in an Age of Hyper-Diversity (Coach House, 2016)

    John Lorinc

    The Reading Line was a very Jane Jacobs-esque event—local, idea-driven, and respectful of the street and the people occupying our public spaces. A great event!

  • grace-o-connell

    Author of Magnified World

    Grace O’Connell,

    The Reading Line is a totally unique event, and it let me combine two of my passions: books and bikes. To have the opportunity to support improved biking infrastructure in Toronto was a pleasure and a privilege, and reading at the beautiful Fort York Library was an amazing experience. Ride and read happy, Torontonians!

  • jacquelyn-hayward-gulati

    Manager, Cycling Infrastructure & Programs, Transportation Services at City of Toronto

    Jacquelyn Hayward Gulati

    Group rides are a wonderful way to experience cycling in the City of Toronto. The Reading Line combines the joy of a relaxed bike ride with author readings and conversation about community - it's an opportunity to 'read' the city in a whole new way.

  • kathryn-kuitenbrouwer

    Author of All the Broken Things

    Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer

    I loved reading from my novel All the Broken Things out of doors, in urban nature, in a marginal setting similar to those depicted in the story. I also loved biking from location to location, as the interlude provided the opportunity to meet people, discuss the work we had just heard, and simply move through space. The Reading Line is one of the most fun reading events ever!

  • christina-palassio

    Director of Communications, Community Food Centres Canada

    Christina Palassio

    The Reading Line is my favourite kind of urban art intervention - the kind you get to by bike and that has books for sale. I can’t wait for next year’s!

  • catherine-bush

    Author of Accusation and Claire’s Head

    Catherine Bush

    Amazing event. Clouds cleared for us. We read and biked and ate and I discovered routes through the city that I’d never traveled before. I love that feeling. Thanks, Janet Joy Wilson and Amanda Lewis, for organizing such a bike-filled, green-space-filled, story-filled day!

  • tanya-neumeyer


    Tanya Neumeyer

    The Reading Line was a nurturing experience of community that has continued to inspire me. As a poet, I was a unique part of this moving community of cycling enthusiasts thinking about books, sustainability, urban planning and food, and putting ideas into practice. The beauty of spoken word is that it synthesizes, and performing in this setting gave a grounded, big picture feeling of what we were experiencing that day.

  • ken-greenberg

    Author of Walking Home

    Ken Greenberg

    Many thanks to Amanda Lewis and Janet Joy Wilson for organizing The Reading Line. It was a great chance to see the trajectory of Bloor Street with fresh eyes in great company and confirm that books and bikes do work together.

  • natale-ghent

    Author of Dark Company

    Natale Ghent

    The Reading Line was a wonderful experience - amazing authors, beautiful bikes, connected hearts connecting the city. Can't wait for next year's ride!

  • christine-fischer-guy

    Author of The Umbrella Mender

    Christine Fischer Guy

    This cross-city reading series on two wheels combines my favourite things. I’m honoured to have been a part of it!

  • gary-barwin

    Author of Yiddish for Pirates

    Gary Barwin

    The Reading Line was a fun afternoon of book-listening and Bloor-biking and it was exhilarating to read (even in the rain) for an enthusiastic and responsive audience as they pedaled across Toronto. I was really inspired by the idea that both books and cities can be about creativity and new ways of thinking and here we were, laughing a lot and enjoying ourselves, and helping make the point that bikes are not footnotes but are an important part of the story of what moves us in the modern city.

  • pamela-osti

    Publicist with Power

    Pamela Osti

    Thank you for all your incredible work organizing. Despite the rain, spirits were high. I think we all need to have stories read to us from time to time!

  • crest

    Publicist Extraordinaire

    Sharon Klein

    Not only is The Reading Line such a fun, smart and innovative event but it’s also run by two glorious women. Why no one has done this sooner, is shocking. Well done.

Our Amazing Team

Meet the people who make The Reading Line a reality.

Janet Joy Wilson

Co-Founder & Outreach Director

Amanda Lewis

Co-Founder & Programming Director

Robertson McClure


Ryan Collins-Swartz

Marketing Manager

Leonardo Zuñiga

Outreach Coordinator

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